Thursday, 1 March 2012

Character Turnarounds

In our next task we were asked to create a character turnaround, as a 2D artist, we may sometimes be asked to create a character turnaround for the 3d artists to use as a template when creating the character within a 3D modelling program.

At the start I wasn't terribly sure what character to create as I wanted to make someone who actually was a real character. For instance, if you look at the Team Fortress 2's classes, they are all real characters, each with their own physique and distinct voice.

Originally I was at a lose with coming up with an original character, so much so that it was starting to really irritate me, so much so that I then went for the first thought that came to my head. Which just so happened to be, "John, the Intimidating Office Worker".. It's original at least.

For his physique I wanted him to be big and bulky but maybe slightly too short legs, cause he's an office worker after all, not an athlete. For a little bit of help I also looked at the Heavy from TF2 and how his proportions vary around his body. However I maybe should've looked a little closer and paid more time into the side view as he's a little too upright and he does seem to be a little too skinny as well.

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