Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Robo Remake

Redrew one of my first pieces just cause I really liked the look and feel of the character and I knew even back then that I was going to redo it.

Quite pleased with the way it turned out, although I still hate feet with a passion. Almost as much as I hate drawing legs that look like they're walking as instead we just end up with messed up looking legs to match the feet.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Drawing Different Ethnics

Firstly I drew a black guy based on a photo image of M. L. King. Spent a lot of time on the face compared to the suit and trousers which is a little sad as looking at the image from a whole, you can't really tell.

Secondly I then drew a Bollywood inspired Indian woman which was a tad difficult and I felt that it wasn't as good face wise, however I felt that the clothing was somewhat better.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Alternative Drawing Styles and Shading

Here I have experimented with differnt drawing and shading styles. The styles being realistic, semi-realistic, and cartoony. The arrow in each piece indicates where the light is coming from to show clearly where the appropriate shading should be.

Above is my realistic piece, which is easily the most successful I feel as I really did spend a lot of time on the face as my past work hasn't had terribly good faces on them.

Above is my semi-realistic piece and I knew straight away that I wanted ym character to have long elegant female legsa dn also to just appear more feminine in general as my character in the realistic piece didn't look terribly feminine. Unfortunately though this did not leave me with deisred results as the character looks alsmost comical with her long legs, long skinny arms, and overly large boobs. However arguably this is a good thing as it aids the character in looking semi-realistic.

Above is my cartoony character which I am surprisingly proud of, despite not having very high hopes with this piece as I knew that I would be limited as to how it was created. I had been playing minigore, an iPhone game, quite a bit and I really liked how the characters were small and boxy, similar to minecraft's characters and so I chose a similar style.

Alternative Media Piece

Here is my finished clay piece of a wondering Ranger, stopping from wood to wood to help out the occasional traveller and to make sure there are no threats to any settlements that are nearby.

The green paint came out a lot darker than I had anticipated so I figured I would change the setting to night time and add some yellow and white to add light.

Being a first for me, I figure this went surprisingly well as I will rarely take on something so ambitious as to add lighting or even work with clay for that matter as it really isn't my area of expertise.

Sorry for the delay of this post as iPhones are ridiculously resistant to giving up their photos 

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Clay Work

Today we moved away from digital painting with photosho and began properly working with alternatice means of art. I chose to make a model set piece using clay since it's a material that's easy to mold and move. Unfortunately I'm not very good with clay but I was optimistic all the same. Will upload photos of the clay when I can but for now here's some of the prilimary sketchs that I used to help plan what I was going to create.

I have gone for the fantasy hunter scene since it's the most exciting scene whilst also making the most sense as a soldier isn't going to stop during a war and boil himself a brew. Whilst the exloration seen is more realistic than the war seen it does seem really dull as all it is really, is a man keeping his hands warm.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Getting Myself Sorted

Right, so my last blog had the wrong name so I've created this nice pretty new one.

Images will be posted latest first to maintain the flow of the old blog.

Some experimental work with different brushes I downloaded

Mindboard for Alternative Means Assignment

For this assignment I really wanted to attempt something 3D, since I did a little bit of 3D work in the past although I've never gotten my teeth stuck into something. Regardless I have always enjoyed myself whenever I've done 3D work along the lines of model set pieces and the odd environment here or there.

My Protagonist

My Antagonist

Practice Character 2
 Just a standard military soldier. Was nice to try and paint in colour (as I rarely do it) and it came out well I thought since MArk showed me a pretty good painting technique. Thank you Mark. Though I did take the easy option and avoid doing his face but maybe the next character I paint.

Practice Character 1

And here lies something that could've been promising. I am definately going to come back to him and finish him later because there was a nice image behind him.