Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Armour Design

After designing weapons, our last task was to do an armour design, and to get every (or at least me) excited our tutor brought in the art book for Skyrim, and freakin' hell it's pretty. To say the least, the artwork put into Skyrim is amazing, very inspiring. Course 15mins on the Skyrim wiki turned me off the idea of armour that could be within the game it is just too limited and almost plain with a few exceptions.

So instead a did some research into fantasy armoury in other RPG games whilst also taking a look at some real life medieval armour.

With some research under my belt I then attempted to paint out my armour, to say the least it was tricky. As I paint I am mechanical, something that's one way on one side, must be exactly the same on the other side, done to several pixels, which is a bit unnecessary and is also where I waste most of my time. I also had a hard time coming up with an idea of what to make the armour look like, there are just so many different kinds of armour, and the last thing I wanted to do was to have another aboriginal masterchief look-a-like armour set, hence the movement towards fantasy armour rather than sci-fi.

I am happy with how the armour turned out to a degree, I like how shiny it looks in areas, and I also really like the splashes of red colour on the armour and I quite like how the cloth turned out as well. However there are many flaws with it that I prefer to try to ignore, and so please, don't look at it too long. The attempt at chainmail didn't look too bad which I was very happy with, since they first made an appearence on the armour at the elbow joints as I was unsure how to place armour at joints of a person as they obviously need to bend, so I went with chainmail since it seemed to make sense. The main flaws with the armour I think is firstly the fact that he doesn't have any hands, go on and check, they aren't there. Clean forgot about them but it's ok, since your eyes will be too distracted by the dodgy left foot that just doesn't look right. I also must confess that the reason why he has a rag around his waist was because once again I was unsure of how armour  is made so that people are still able to bend and turn around and still retain some amount of movement, and so, I hide his crotch region and my shame with some decorative cloth.

So to conclude, I need to manage my time better so I'm able to take my time creating these pieces, and also that I need to do some feet studies as well as hands to improve, although despite the flaws, I still am quite proud of this piece.

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