Friday, 28 October 2011

Getting Myself Sorted

Right, so my last blog had the wrong name so I've created this nice pretty new one.

Images will be posted latest first to maintain the flow of the old blog.

Some experimental work with different brushes I downloaded

Mindboard for Alternative Means Assignment

For this assignment I really wanted to attempt something 3D, since I did a little bit of 3D work in the past although I've never gotten my teeth stuck into something. Regardless I have always enjoyed myself whenever I've done 3D work along the lines of model set pieces and the odd environment here or there.

My Protagonist

My Antagonist

Practice Character 2
 Just a standard military soldier. Was nice to try and paint in colour (as I rarely do it) and it came out well I thought since MArk showed me a pretty good painting technique. Thank you Mark. Though I did take the easy option and avoid doing his face but maybe the next character I paint.

Practice Character 1

And here lies something that could've been promising. I am definately going to come back to him and finish him later because there was a nice image behind him.