Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Environment Piece Finished

First thing I've learned is, don't say you'll create a better piece of work than someone else's, cause you'll only look stupid if it doesn't. Having said that I felt that my work still looked pretty good.

Sam's war torn building I felt looked very good especially the areas lit up by the firelight, although it did look rather dull, empty, hollow and somewhat lifeless.

And so with some wisdom granted from my tutor I set out to make it a lot more interesting to look at by editing it to look more like a radioactive area, complete with green haze and green glowing mushrooms. There is a definite improvement between the 2 pieces as there is a lot more light and so there's a lot more to see. Also the plants act as a source of light making some nice warm glows.

I am very happy with this piece, as it really is something interesting to look at with the green colours and all the glowing mushrooms.

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